No stone left unturned, a message from the Board

VIBCTE recognizes that erroneous perceptions of CTE programs persist; namely, that such educational options are limited to the traditional building trades or are suitable only for those who are not qualified for admission to post-secondary institutions.  We all have an important role in making sure every student has the opportunity to explore multiple pathways to find a career that matches their interests and goals. We need to change the perceptions of the professional trades so students, parents and others know about the outstanding opportunities that are available”. Once we’ve shattered stereotypes, we need to have a stronger system in place for students to determine the best direction for them and have access to the training that makes them locally and globally prepared.

We supports increased funding for CTE programs, providing appropriate market-driven compensation for CTE instructors and promoting flexibility in the expansion of career education pathways. VIBCTE strongly advocates for the recruitment of a diverse population of CTE program enrollees so that all individuals have the opportunity to access, fully participate in and contribute to the national and territorial economic prosperity.