Dear Mom, Dear Dad, Dear Guardian:

Let them soar

As a parent, we want the best for our children. First, in how we live than how we school them and of course it is our goal that they do better than us. Hence many of us push our kids toward higher education forward to a college degree. And while this is a most admirable plan for many, equally as many students may not be academic scholars and fit the professional trades better.
Here is where CTE education comes in. The Virgin Islands offers courses from middle through high school and beyond at UVI. \
The notion that trade certification is inferior to a college degree is no longer valid. Many of our Professional tradesmen are earning six figure incomes, even though they may have had a hard time academically.
There is a real need for electricians, plumbers, builders of every kind, nurses, and many more professionals. Your children have the opportunity to have both an academic diploma and a trades certificate upon leaving high school. Just call a repairman!
And frankly, regardless where they end up.  In college, the military, in a trades school, or direct entry into the workforce, this type of dual education will prepare them for the future. An employer is seeking new hires with a rounded education, and seldom are these students minimum wage earners.
Having exposure to the real world of work, being able to experience the daily rigor of a job has, in many cases, molded and shaped our future leaders.  Some of our local senators have proudly proclaimed their CTE received training.
There is nothing worse in a young person’s life than getting themselves into tens of thousands of dollars in debt, just to realize they are unhappy with their career choice. CTE offers you and your child the opportunity to learn firsthand what career path they should follow, and if they do choose the academic track, a learned trade will come in quite handy sooner than later.
I invite you to click on the links below, giving you more insight into CTE and where it can lead.
Anton W. Doos III, Executive Director, WCEC, CEC, FMP, CFSE, EdK
 and a proud CTE graduate, certified Global Executive Chef